Tubular Industries

electric welded steel tubing products
welded steel tubing products

Tubular Industries specializes in a wide range of welded steel tubing products.
With large inventories and frequent rollings, we can fill your material requirements in a timely fashion. We produce up to 12″ square, with corresponding rectangles, and 16″ OD pipe through 5/8 wall.

As part of our commitment to excellence in customer service, Tubular Industries will arrange the shipment of your order- either by full truckload, or by full railcar.

Tubular Industries prides itself in customer service, which is the key to our success.
With a courteous and experienced staff, our customers realize that they are very important to us. When you call Tubular Industries a helpful salesperson will always be there to answer the phone and assist you. We will never send you to voicemail during business hours.

Please see the detailed size charts on the following pages. We look forward to your call or email inquiry. We are ready for your business!



Over 65 years of steel tubing experience

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